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They say dance with the ones who brought you...

And for YOU, we are grateful.

GEO-U Inaugural Event
Sonesta Bee Cave Austin Hotel
Austin, TX

Much more than on demand e-learning or abbreviated seminars. GeoU is THE relevant and comprehensive venue for detailed application oriented education.

GeoU is driven to be the intelligent source, offering development, connection, and advancement to all who impact the infrastructure and environments of the world. Now, more than ever, the need to raise the level of sustainability, responsibility, and fiscally lean projects, data, and technology are paramount.

We need all hands on deck – from broadcasting the vast knowledge of the beginning, emerging, and vibrant practitioners, to delivering that content to the minds who need it NOW, and will take it into the future. THIS is where we begin.



Podcast Room

We don’t have to tell you the power of podcasts. Podcasts are global, far reaching, and currently hold one of the hottest content driven audiences in the marketing realm. Wherever anyone is browsing for geo-engineering content, be ready for them to land on your brand.


Social Media & Branded EBlasts

We are excited to ramp up GeoU! No other geosynthetics digital publication holds an organic reach across its digital properties like, and we are ready to get fierce on sending your message! Put your band in front of 30,000+ followers across all social media platforms to include Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn where most in the engineering communities engage. Also at the event, we will post LIVE during networking gatherings and benchmark moments of the course! Reach who we reach.


Happy Hours & Networking

From our Meet the Teachers night, to our Technical Tour & Dinner Party, to open area conversations, put your brand at the top as a driver of collaboration and knowledge share. These moments are the most memorable, as they are where the true human connection is made!


Signature Sponsor

Includes 2 seats within the courses of your brand’s choice, hotel stay at the Sonesta for 2, branding on all pieces of this learning event, plus reserved time for podcast interview. Moreover, your brand will receive ad placement on as a special thank you for helping us make this one of a kind event the landmark for 2020.


Ad placement on runs from sponsorship date to December 31st, 2021.

Signature For One Sponsor

Includes all levels as the Signature Sponsor, for 1 attendee.


Breakfast, Breaks, & Lunch

People gotta eat. And for most, coffee is human fuel. We will be offering a higher level of healthy and substantive choices for breakfast, breaks, and lunch. Show them you love them by placing your brand amongst some of the most trafficked spots during the day.


Partner Sponsorship

From our sites and social, to Welcome Letters in each of our attendees gift bags, to the backs of our t-shirts, be remembered for partnering with us at GeoU. As they say in Austin, what starts here, changes the world.


Ready to roll?

Purchase one of the Sponsor Packages above or contact Sam Allen at, +1 512 263 2101, ext. 138.