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Geosynthetic Design for Sustainable Transportation Assets: Retaining Structures, Roads, Erosion Control and Water Management

November 8 – 9

An expansive primer on the impact of beneficial geosynthetics on infrastructure economy, longevity, and sustainability. This team-taught course features deeply experienced engineering voices from multiple regions in the United States. 

The full list of instructors includes: Dr. Jorge Zornberg, PE; Dr. Eli Cuelho; Steve Williams; Eric Gonzales; Matt Skinner; and Dave Frazier.

Day 1
Resilient and Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure: Reinforced Walls, Steep Slopes, and Embankments on Soft Soils                

  • Types of geosynthetic reinforcements
  • Important concepts in the general design of geosynthetic-reinforced systems
  • Incorporating sustainability into the design of geosynthetic-reinforced systems
  • Tensile behavior over time of geosynthetic reinforcements
  • Applications: geosynthetic-reinforced walls, reinforced steep slopes, and geosynthetic reinforcement for embankments on soft foundation soils,
  • Construction best practices: geosynthetic verification (testing), geosynthetic placement, equipment choices, monitoring

Longer-Lasting Paved and Unpaved Roads

  • Common Types, Uses and Sustainable Aspects of Geosynthetics in Roadways
  • Functions and mechanisms of geosynthetics in road structures
  • Unpaved and paved road design
  • Roadway drainage
  • Measuring performance

Day 2
Erosion and Sediment Controls

  • Application examples throughout sections (description, geosynthetic verification (testing), geosynthetic placement, required equipment, system monitoring)
  • Geosynthetic solutions for erosion and sediment control
  • Importance of knowing your soil – focused around soil test and what we learn from them
  • 5 Fundamentals – foundation to sustainable vegetation
  • What if vegetation isn’t enough? – Soft armor solutions
  • Design considerations for high performance TRMs for slopes and channels
  • Hard armor solutions for erosion control

Drainage and Water Storage

  • Subsurface water capture systems and water reuse
  • Stormwater topics
  • Geomembrane detention & retention

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Jorge Zornberg, PhD, PE

Eli Cuelho, PE

Eric gonzales

Eric Gonzales

Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner

Dave Frazier

Dave Frazier

Steve Williams

Steve Williams

2023 Summit & Short Courses

November 7

Central Texas Infrastructure Summit


INCLUDED for all short course registrations

Panelists & Audience Interaction


November 8 – 9


Optional GCI-ICP Certification Exams (Nov 10) – Requires Additional Fees

Instructors: Mark Sieracke, P.E., Sam Allen, and Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E.

2023 Technical Partner: 
TRI Environmental

November 8 – 9



Richard Thiel, P.E.

November 8 – 9



Instructors: Team Taught. See full instructors list.

2023 Technical Partner: 
GeoSolutions Inc.

November 10

Marketing in the Geosynthetics Industry


The Marketing Course is held at the same time on November 10 as the GCI-ICP Certification Exams

Instructors: Sam Allen and Tamara Tuttle