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5 – 8 April 2022 | Sonesta Bee Cave Austin Hotel | Austin, TX

Much more than on-demand e-Learning or abbreviated seminars.
GeoU is THE relevant and comprehensive venue for detailed, application-oriented education.


  • 5 High-Level Geosynthetics Short Courses
  • 4 Certification Opportunities
  • 3 Days of Learning & Networking

April 6-7, 2022


April 8 Optional Certification Exam: GCI-ICP $50

Instructors: Mark Sieracke, P.E., Sam Allen, and Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E.

April 6-7, 2022


April 8 Optional Certification Exam: FREE

Instructors: Dr. George Koerner, P.E. and Abigail Gilson, MS, P.E.

April 6-7, 2022


April 8 Optional Certification Exam: FREE

Instructors: Michael Bernardi, P.E., Ashley Perry-MacMillan, P.E., Dr. Erol Tutumluer, and Dr. Jorge Zornberg, P.E.

April 6-7, 2022


April 8 Optional Certification Exam: FREE

Instructors: C. Joel Sprague, P.E., and Markus Wilke

April 8, 2022


The Marketing Course is held at the same time on April 8 as the optional certification exams for the April 6-7 courses.

Instructors: Sam Allen and Jacque Dettman



Michael Bernardi, P.E.

Michael Bernardi, P.E., is the Director of Engineering for Strata Systems, Inc., a Division of Glen Raven Technical Fabrics. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Canada and the USA with 40 years of experience in Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering. For most of his career, he has worked in the geosynthetics field in product development and application design. Bernardi’s tenure includes high-level technical work for manufacturers of reinforcement materials and in private consulting, including being a founding partner (2002-2012) in a design/consulting firm focused primarily on the design and development of geosynthetics and geosynthetic- related structures such as concrete modular block retaining walls, steep slopes and embankments. Bernardi is the primary Technical Editor of the 3rd Edition of the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) Design Manual for Segmental Retaining Walls (2009).


Dr. Jorge Zornberg, P.E.

Dr. Jorge Zornberg, P.E. is Professor and William J. Murray, Jr. Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin. He has more than 30 years in research and practice on topics such as retaining walls, reinforced soil structures, and roadway infrastructure. Dr. Zornberg served as president of the International Geosynthetics Society from 2010 – 2014 and has received many prestigious awards, including the Mercer Lecture, the IGS Service Award, ASCE’s Croes medal and Collingwood Prize, and the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President George W. Bush.


Mark Sieracke, P.E.

Mark Sieracke, P.E. is an industry-recognized expert in the fields of landfill design and CQA. Mark serves as a Principal and Solid Waste Practice Area Manager for Weaver Consultants Group. Mark has served as a Technical Reviewer of the US EPA Technical Guidance Document: Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Waste Containment Facilities (EPA/600/R- 93/182, Sept. 1993). He has served as a hands-on CQA practitioner, certifying engineer, and consultant for 1000+ acres of geosynthetic installations. He contributes routinely to landfill failure investigations and constructability reviews for design engineers. Mark serves on the Waste Management Inc. (WMI) Geosynthetic Task Force, creating the corporate standards for CQA.


Ashley Perry-MacMillan, P.E.

Ashley Perry-MacMillan, P.E., is an Engineering Business Manager for TenCate Geosynthetics. She is a Worcester Polytechnic Institute graduate and a registered Professional Engineer in Utah with 11 years of experience in Geotechnical Engineering. For most of her career, she has focused on best practices for retaining wall design and construction as well as geosynthetic reinforced systems to address complex geotechnical issues. Perry-MacMillan has been involved in numerous studies and publications revolving around smart-geosynthetic reinforced abutments and walls and the evaluation of internal strains of these structures during construction loading compared to design assumptions. She is a member of several TRB Committees and serves on boards with ASCE and the Women’s Transportation Seminar.


Dr. Erol Tutumluer

Dr. Erol Tutumluer serves on the faculty of the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois. He specializes in Transportation Geotechnics with research interests and expertise in characterization of pavement and railroad track geomaterials, subgrade soils and base/ballast unbound aggregates, soil/aggregate stabilization, geosynthetics, and much more. Dr. Tutumluer is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Transportation Geotechnics and is the current Chair of the ISSMGE Technical Committee 202 on Transportation Geotechnics.


Markus Wilke

Markus Wilke is an engineer and business development manager with HUESKER, one of the world’s oldest and largest geosynthetic manufacturing and design engineering companies. Wilke brings more than a decade of stormwater controls and hydraulic engineering experience to GeoU 2022. He has published extensively on topics such as dewatering, bank stabilization, port maintenance, and waterway engineering.


Dr. George R. Koerner, P.E.

Dr. George R. Koerner, P.E. is Director of the Geosynthetic Institute. He is in charge of laboratory accreditation, certification, information and education at GSI. He also manages research projects and has published over 200 technical papers in his 35-year association with geosynthetics. George’s doctorate is from Drexel University in Geotechnical Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor. Dr. Koerner has received many awards over the years. The most notable being IFAI’s Environmental Technologies Award of Excellence 1995, ASCE’s Geotechnical Engineer of the year in 2004, ASTM Fellow in 2013 and GMA’s first Koerner Lecturer in 2017.


Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E.

Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E. is a Senior Engineer for TRI/Environmental. Gilson has a wealth of experience in geomembrane-lined containment facility design and construction and has performed more than 160 million square feet of liner integrity surveys across 100+ projects since 2004. Her contribution to the field of electrical leak location includes numerous published technical papers, educational seminars, presentations world-wide, and chairing the ASTM committee for the recent revisions and additions to the ASTM Standard Guide and Practices. Ms. Gilson’s expertise is available for providing equipment, field training, classroom education, instructional presentations, engineering consulting, and liner integrity survey execution. She has trained staff in all of TRI’s office locations to provide local assistance on survey projects.


Joel Sprague, P.E.

Joel Sprague, P.E. is a Senior Engineer and Technical Director with TRI Environmental’s South Carolina laboratories in Anderson and Greenville, SC. Through leadership roles in the global standards body ASTM International, Joel has originated or contributed to major revisions to over 20 international standards on geosynthetics and erosion/sediment control. Additionally, he has been an instructor of numerous short courses and authored more than 50 articles and technical papers on the development, testing, and application of geosynthetics and erosion/sediment control systems. Joel has been recognized for his pioneering work in full-scale performance testing of civil engineering systems. He led the establishment of TRI’s unique laboratories for the full-scale evaluation of innovative technologies, including the Denver Downs Research Facility (DDRF) in Anderson and the Roads to Rivers Research Institute (3RI) in Greenville.


Jacque Dettman

Jacqueline Dettman for the past 15 years was the Business Development Manager of TRI/Environmental, Inc. (TRI) Geosynthetics Services, where she served as the technical and business “front” of construction related materials verification projects. In this role, Ms. Dettman assisted clients in specification reviews, budget planning and technical response. Ms. Dettman has worked in the geoenvironmental industry for over 25 years, originally for Poly America (Poly-Flex Division) as the Western Division Sales Manager where she worked in concert with Owners, Engineers, Contractors and Installers. She later joined Golder Associates in various management and business development roles, and then on to Jacobs Engineers in operations and project management. These experiences significantly benefited clients as she is accomplished in both the best, and the most challenging, industry technical traditions and project communication customs, assisting clients through detail oriented plans. Jacque also lends her considerable expertise to TRI’s well recognized education and short course offerings, helping clients stay up-to-date with regard to still evolving geosynthetics technologies.


Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E.

Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E., is the Geotechnical Laboratory Director for TRI/Environmental, Inc. His doctoral work principally focused on alternative/evapotraspirative cover design and evaluation for the EPA, and he performed research with expansive clays for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Prior to joining TRI, he served as a consulting engineer, where he worked on the design and installation of the Circuit of the Americas Formula One Race Track over expansive clays with tight differential movement criteria. Since 2012, he’s led the expansion of TRI’s geotechnical laboratory capabilities and reach within the geotechnical community.


Sam Allen

Sam Allen is the Vice President of Texas Research International‘s (TRI) Geosynthetics Services Division. He has served as Chairman of ASTM Committee D35 on Geosynthetics and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI).

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